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19th International Colloquium on
Latin Linguistics (ICLL)


PhD Course: International Course in Latin Linguistics

April 23/24 2017

For the second time a special course will be organized, preceding the 19th International Colloquium on Latin Linguistics, which is intended for young scholars who are preparing a doctoral dissertation in the field of Latin Linguistics or have just finished it.

The course will be directed by professor Harm PINKSTER (University of Amsterdam). The topics to be dealt with are Syntax, Discourse, and Typology. It is expected that these topics will be taught by Prof. Harm Pinkster, Prof. Caroline Kroon (University of Amsterdam), and Prof. Christian Lehmann (Erfurt), respectively, with further participation of Dr. Olga Spevak (Toulouse).

Participants are expected to prepare the course by studying material that is relevant to the course and by performing research activities during the course. Those who have performed well will receive a certificate which they may use for their doctoral program at home.

Those who are interested must apply through the application form below. The application needs to be supported by the thesis supervisor, who is asked to send a letter of support by email.

Deadline for application is February, 15, 2017.

Further details will be sent to those who have applied.