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19th International Colloquium on
Latin Linguistics (ICLL)



The definitive programme is available now in PDF. In the list of papers you can see the titles of the papers. The book of abstracts is also available in PDF; in Munich you will receive a paper version, so you do not have to print it yourself.

A special course for PhD-students will be organised, preceding the conference.

The colloquium will start on Monday afternoon, April 24, 2 p.m with an introduction to the TLL. Subsequently papers will be presented in plenary and parallel sessions through to Friday, April 28. Furthermore, there will be workshops on selected topics. Papers in parallel sessions will be limited to 20 minutes, followed by discussion.

There will be a half-day working session followed by an excursion to Nymphenburg on Thursday, April 27. The conference will be concluded with a conference dinner on Friday evening, April 28.

A small excursion will be organised to Freising on Saturday, 29 April.

Round Table

On Wednesday night, directly after the afternoon sessions of the colloquium, there will be a round table discussion about the relations between Latin linguistics and related disciplines (e.g. historical and Romance linguistics, text edition and philology), which will be followed by a reception. All participants of the colloquium are cordially invited to join us in discussion and drinks, which are offered by 'Distant Worlds', the Munich Graduate School for Ancient Studies.

Excursion to Nymphenburg

On Thursday, April 27, there will be an excursion to Nymphenburg.

Following the birth of the heir to the throne, Max Emanuel, Elector Ferdinand Maria and his consort commissioned the architect Agostino Barelli to build Nymphenburg Palace, which was begun in 1664.

During the reign of Max Emanuel the complex was extended with side galleries and residential buildings designed in 1701 by Henrico Zuccalli. From 1714, under the direction of Joseph Effner, the adjacent four-winged buildings were completed and the façade of the central building was modernized in the French style: the private country house was now an extensive summer residence of absolutist proportions.

Max Emanuel’s successor, Elector Karl Albrecht, completed the complex on the city side with the Rondell buildings. The interior rooms present exhibitions and works of art from the Baroque period to Classicism. The tour of the palace also includes a look at the room in which King Ludwig II of Bavaria was born. Another highlight is the world-famous "Gallery of Beauties", with portraits commissioned by King Ludwig I.

Am Schloss schließt sich eine große Parkanlage mit Parkburgen an.

Conference dinner

The conference diner will take place on Friday night at the Schneider Bräuhaus, near the Bavarian Academy. All participants are cordially invited, special registration is required (see registration for the conference). A three course menu (choice of main course; two drinks included) will be offered for 40 Euro per person. 

Post conference excursion: Freising

A small excursion will be organised on Saturday, 29 April, to Freising. Freising is a small town about 35 km north of Munich, a 25-minute journey from Munich Hauptbahnhof by regional train.

We will leave approx. 10.30 AM from Munich central station and arrive at Freising at about 11 AM. After a guided tour through the historic town and the cathedral and a late lunch in the famous Weihenstephan brewery we will return to Munich in the late afternoon.

This post-conference excursion is not included in the conference fee. Costs will be approx. 15-20 Euros (depending on the number of participants) for the transport and guided tour. For the meal each participant has to pay separately in the brewery restaurant.

If you would like to participate in this excursion, please let us know by replying to icll(at)thesaurus.badw.de.  

Deadline for registration is April 7th 2017.